Underst和ing why a 信誉排行owner pays assessments to their Community Association begins with underst和ing the role of an Association itself. Familiarity with 该协会’s legal obligations helps 房主 avoid confusion 和 frustration in working with their community leaders.


协会为业主创造一个社区. Pooling resources 和 utilizing centralized maintenance through the Board of Directors 和 other volunteers, 联想可以保持一种有吸引力的审美, 创造一种社区意识, 帮助房主保持和增加他们的房屋价值.

在华盛顿州, 社区协会, 也被称为共同利益所有权协会, 是公司, often subject to the Washington State Nonprofit Corporation Act (Nonprofit Act). 除了, Associations are incorporated under one of four common interest ownership acts in Washington State. The applicability of each act depends on the date 和 way in which 该协会 was incorporated.



  1. 房主协会法案 (肥厚性骨关节病变与肺部转移法),
  2. 水平财产制度法案 (旧法),
  3. 公寓法案 (新法案),
  4. 华盛顿统一共同利益所有权法案 (WUCIOA).

Previously, an Association could be incorporated under any active Community Association act. 然而, 随着WUCIOA的通过, 7月1日后所有的新社区都被合并, 2018, 受法律保护. 


Communities are often incorporated at the time of development by the builder, 但有些公司是后来合并的, 在租赁单位的情况下,社区被转换为协会.

Each common interest ownership act in Washington State outlines different responsibilities 和 protections for 该协会 和 房主. A community’s Articles of Incorporation 和 Bylaws typically include details outlining to which act an Association is subject. 董事会成员和业主可以随时查阅这些文件 Trestle的我的社区 Web门户网站 or 联系 向社区协会经理寻求帮助. 

一旦协会成立, 责任更明确, 哪个允许社区准备它的其他治理文件. An established Association may have many community-specific governing documents, 但每个社区都以相同的核心文件开始:

  1. Articles of Incorporation – typically document the legal creation of 该协会 as a corporation,
  2. Bylaws – often establish the rules which define the innerworkings of 该协会, 比如董事会资格, 职位, 条款, 和选举流程,
  3. 声明-通常定义维护责任, 并勾勒出哪些元素属于业主, 和属于协会.


作为一家公司,协会由董事会管理. 通常, 委员会由社区选出的成员组成, though some governing documents allow non-房主 to run for Board 职位. 另外, communities under development may temporarily have builder representatives on the Board while the community continues to be built.

The Board of Directors’ responsibilities are outlined in the community’s governing documents 和 often include the administration of 该协会. Board Members are tasked with adhering to 该协会’s legal requirements outlined in Washington State law 和 该协会’s governing documents. These requirements include maintenance of elements as defined in the documents. 而每个社区都是不同的, 协会通常负责维护公共要素, 哪些物品最容易被访问, 如果不是全部, 房主. This would include items such as a monument sign, playground, lobby, park.

An Association may also be responsible for the maintenance of limited common elements, which generally include items used by one or more 房主 和 are often visible to the community. Though 该协会 may have the ability to seek reimbursement from affected 房主 for these maintenance expenses.


协会由社区内的业主组成, 它由房主评估提供资金. 通常, an Association’s documents expressly state that any home within the community is inherently a member of, 并受, 该协会. 作为一个结果, membership in a Community Association is not optional as it is linked to ownership of a home within the community’s boundaries as defined in the governing documents.

In order to perform required maintenance 和 upkeep of common 和 limited common spaces as required in the governing documents, 该协会 must prepare an annual budget outlining anticipated expenses 和 then assess each 信誉排行owner their portion of the total. 信誉排行owner expense allocation is detailed in the governing documents 和 used to determine each 信誉排行owner’s financial responsibility.

大多数协会都是非营利性的公司, ,因此, 将他们每年计划花费的确切金额纳入预算. 协会评估直接与预算挂钩. 如果一个协会的预期年度支出是100美元,000, 它一定能赚100美元,每年的收入为1万英镑,以支付这些费用. 通常, 一个协会的唯一收入来源是房主评估等等, 房主支付的金额直接反映了预期的费用.


Interested 房主 can learn more about their Community Association 和 its Board by visiting Trestle的我的社区 Web门户网站, 联系 the Community’s Association Manager 和 attending Board 和 community meetings.


以最好地满足其客户协会的需要, Trestle has taken an unparalleled approach to Community Association management 和 created specialized 实践领域. 每个实践都专门用于特定的客户类型. 通过这个模型, Clients receive a high level of service provided by a devoted 和 specialized Team of experts.


  1. 公寓,
  2. 中高层,高层和房地产社区,
  3. 单户住宅社区,
  4. 大型社区
  5. 信誉排行榜,
  6. 国内开发人员.


Underst和ing the value of Board Member 和 信誉排行owner education, Trestle began releasing 生活在线研讨会按需网络研讨会 对社区成员来说是2021年. An overwhelmingly positive response has shown the value in extending accessible resources to Clients. 通过充分部署 Trestle的我的社区 Web门户网站, the firm provides comprehensive access to endless resources including its webinars, 详细的管理报告,以及用户友好服务 建筑请求处理, 合规监测,更多的.

Trestle持续投资于团队教育和技能建设. All of the firm’s Team Members attend continuing education courses offered inside 和 outside of the industry as well as conferences 和 educational seminars on an ongoing basis. 特拉斯特从整体上看待教育, ensuring that all Team Members are well-versed on the intricacies of the Community Association management services industry.

通过这种方法, the firm holds the highest number of prestigious Community Association management credentials in Washington State including the Certified Manager of 社区协会 (CMCA), Association Management Specialist (AMS) 和 Professional Manager of 社区协会 (PCAM) designations.


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